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 Donna Howell

A long, long time ago during my senior year at Chattanooga High School, I took my first art class and even though I had drawn all my life I fell in love with all the different things one can do with pencils and paints. In college I majored in math but took art classes every semester as well. I thought I was pretty good but I received little encouragement.

After graduating my art sort of fell by the wayside while my husband continued his education in Texas and Tennessee.

Then kids came along and I didn’t pick up a brush again until our sons graduated high school. I was working in the library at USC Aiken by this time and as an employee of the university I was able to take a free class every semester – so you know which classes I took. I jumped right in with the first semester painting class and was lucky enough to have Al Beyer, an excellent professor, for most of my classes. He was encouraging to all of his students and pushed me to keep improving. Every painting class I took helped me learn more. My favorite class was life drawing which I took three times! I also attended life drawing sessions on Saturday mornings – no instruction – just practice. Later I started taking graphic design classes and really got interested in using Photoshop and Illustrator as mediums.

In 2008 my husband was offered a temporary position in Washington, DC, so we lived in that area for three years. While there I took a porcelain tile class from Adriana Baler at the Corcoran College of Art. (She’s the artist who made the Peeps tiles that cover the wall of the original Peeps store at National Harbor.) Another favorite was a fluid acrylics workshop with Nicholas Simmons. I’ve used his pouring technique for some of my Double Vision paintings. I also took several watercolor classes through the Arlington County VA adult education program.

After moving to Sun City four years ago I got involved with the art club and have enjoyed watching demos given by outside artists plus taking workshops and classes offered by the club. This is a wonderful place to live and spend time with old friends and with many new ones.