An Invitation to Participate


 A Joint Exhibit of All About Art and Photography Clubs of SCHH

The All About Art Club and the Photography Clubs will host their sixth annual collaborative art exhibit in February 2019. All members are invited to participate.  Double Vision VI starts with Pairing Night September 17th at 6:30 p.m. in the May River and Colleton River Rooms of Pinckney Hall. This is where you will be randomly matched up with a “partner”. Once “Paired” the Artist and Photographer will exchange contact information and begin to identifying a common inspiration. The resulting two pieces of art will be displayed together. Artists may use any medium and may reproduce any portion of the photograph in their paintings. Refreshments. Coffee and cookies will be served.  We are limited to 60 participants from each club so you may want to register early.

Click Here to go to Eventbrite and click on the Green tab labeled “Register” then complete the registration process.

When the Eventbrite page opens:

  1.      Click on the green “REGISTER” box then
  2.      Click on the “down arrow” () on the right side for either Artist or Photographer
  3.      Select “1”
  4.      Click on “Checkout” at the bottom of the screen and on the new screen:
  5.      Type your Name, email and phone information then
  6.      Click on “Complete Registration” at the bottom of the page.

You will get an email with your registration ticket.  Print the ticket and bring it to Pairing Night.  Those without computers or who want help registering can:

  1.      Register at the Photography Studio Thursday, Sept. 13, 9-11am.
  2.      Register at the Photography Studio Friday, Sept. 14, 1:30-3:30pm.

If you have Pairing Night or Pre-Registration questions call:

Mike Davis (678) 788-2733 or John Burrack (843) 441-8191.

For Double Vision questions call:

Linda Laird (770) 316-2800 or Judy Kyle (703) 850-9225.

The Double Vision VII Exhibit will run from February 1st thru Feb 4th, 2018 in Pinckney Hall.  On Pairing Night, we will discuss collaboration, costs, preliminary schedules, hanging artwork, how ribbons are awarded and answer any other questions you have.  Guidelines for the show are attached. Hard copies are also available in both the Photo Studio and the Art Room.

Thank you for your interest and good luck one and all!

From The Steering Committee – DOUBLE VISION VII- 2019

General Information/Entry Guidelines

Double Vision VII (2019)

  1. Format/Size:  All works maximum size is 20 x 24 including the mat and frame.  Artists may use any medium(s) and may replicate any portion of the image in their work.
  2. Framing:     Frames are to be a simple style or 1 ½ inch gallery wrapped canvas with four finished sides having no exposed staples.  Art or photos requiring protection should have non-glare glass or sealant covering the work.  The combined weight of the work (Art + Mat + Frame + Glass) should not exceed 5 lbs.
  3. Hanging:     All entries must have a secure wire attached to the back of the frame approximately 1/3 the way from the top of the frame.  No saw tooth hangers permitted.
  4. Wall Tags:   Each participant is asked to submit a short bio or statement about yourself and/or your work.  Please limit to 60 words.  Also include your name, title of artwork/photo, medium/camera used and Art/Photo price.  This info will be printed on wall tags and hung near your display on the Pro-Panels.  Prices may not be changed after tags are printed.
  5. Hanging Forms:     On Take-in day (Thursday, January 31st) please fill out both copies of the hanging form.  The blank forms will be provided on line.  Attach one form to the back of your work securely with tape.  Affix the other form temporarily to the front of your work (for hanging purposes only).  The front tag will be removed before the show.  Blue “painter’s tape” works well on frames or glass.
  6. Registration Fee:    When you bring your “Show-Ready” painting or photography on Take-In day (Thursday, Feb. 1) to Pinckney Hall where we will collect the entry fee.  The fee is planned to be $8 and is payable only with CHECK made out to PCSCHH.
  7. Portraits:  A “Photo Shoot” day will be determined later.  A portrait of the paired Artist and Photographer will be affixed near the displayed work.  Watch your e-mails for a sign-up opportunity
  8. Pick Up:      All photos and paintings need to be picked up between 3 and 3:30pm, Feb. 4.  The check-out process will allow only for purchasers, photographers and artists to pick up works.  You must notify the Check-out committee before Sunday who will be picking up your work if you cannot be there
  9. Sales of Photographs and Paintings:        All photographs and painting sold during the show will remain hanging until the closing of the show.  Sale price will include 6% sales tax.  Sellers will receive a check from the Art Club Treasurer for the sale amount less taxes.
  10. People’s Choice Awards:   Balloting ends on, Saturday, February 3.  There will be no ballots on Sunday.  There will be 1st, 2nd & 3rd place awards for the best “Pairing” as well as single awards for Best Individual Artwork and Best Individual Photograph.