Things to Remember

  1. Portraits:     A “Photo Shoot” day will be Thursday January 17th.  A portrait of the paired Artist and Photographer will be affixed near the displayed work.  Watch your e-mails for a sign-up opportunity
  2. Pick Up:      All photos and paintings need to be picked up between 3 and 3:30pm, Feb. 4.  The check-out process will allow only for purchasers, photographers and artists to pick up works.  You must notify the Check-out committee before Sunday who will be picking up your work if you cannot be there
  3. Sales of Photographs and Paintings:        All photographs and painting sold during the show will remain hanging until the closing of the show.  Sale price will include 6% sales tax.  Sellers will receive a check from the Art Club Treasurer for the sale amount less taxes.
  4. People’s Choice Awards:   Balloting ends on, Saturday, February 3. There will be no ballots on Sunday.  There will be 1st, 2nd & 3rd place awards for the best “Pairing” as well as single awards for Best Individual Artwork and Best Individual Photograph.