In kindergarten I had my favorite teacher of all times, Miss Edith Anderson. Miss Anderson was also the art teacher for the grade school and high school in Waterloo, Wisconsin. She always made a special time for each of us and guided many of us into our future careers. She was the beginning of my love for art.

BEST PIC OF PATAfter High School, I received a PHT (Put Hubby Through) from Iowa State’s School of Architecture and at the very end of that time, we started our family. The next 13 years included moves from Ames, Iowa to South Sioux City, Nebraska, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and then Atlanta, Georgia. Rearing kids, volunteering, doing arts and crafts and a few art classes kept me busy during those years.

It was in 1975 when we moved again, this time to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and I decided it was time to go back to work. Being determined not to sit behind a desk and typewriter, I chose to go into retail sales of home goods. These years became my “college” years. I not only learned how to sell in a store and sell while knocking on business doors, but I learned how to move the products while driving a fork lift, measure and give estimates for virtually all interior products, design, cut, sew soft goods, set up vignette’s and manage work crews and manage store personnel. This all resulted in an accumulation of service and training which lead to my becoming a furniture store manager in Raleigh, North Carolina. This was my “college” of training which took 27 years to accomplish and which became my stepping stone to retirement.

Although I had taken some art lessons during my “college” years, my true learning of the art came after moving to Sun City. My art abc’s have come from Mary Ann Putzier’s lessons. The idea of pouring watercolors was from Savannah’s Kathy Miller. The idea that I could combine traditional and fantasy watercolors came from our daughter, Laura Adams, who is a professional artist whose medium is paper collage.
Retirement is the time that one is to take time to smell the roses. Art is my rose.