ALL ABOUT ART CLUB Executive Board Meeting Minutes January 6, 2017
The meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m. by President Nancy Truman.

Those in attendance: Nancy Truman, Gayle Miller, Nancy Hall, Jean Maloney, Joann Madison, and Kate Metcalf.

Minutes: The Executive Board minutes of November 17, 2016 were presented with revisions to reflect an update in the bank balance to $11,876.58 and to note that we do not accept on-line payments. The revised minutes were approved.

President’s Comments: Nancy welcomed new Board members Kate Metcalf, secretary, and members at large Jean Maloney and Nancy Hall.

Treasurer’s Report: Nancy presented the final 2016 Income/Expense report from outgoing treasurer Bob Howell showing bank balance of $10,419.94, cash on hand $340 (November CAM check received 12-31); and outstanding CAMS $180.00.   Nancy distributed copies of the Revised 2017 Budget.  The proposal for library is $500 for books and supplies, and an additional $500 for DVDs.  The 2017 Revised Budget was unanimously approved by the Board (2-page copy attached).  This Final Budget will be voted on at the General Meeting on January 13.

Old Business:

Purchases Update

New Panels: When we buy new panels, which are quite expensive, the Photography Club will pay us rent every year we share for Double Vision V.

Lights: – At Joint Mtg. John Baxter reported when we purchase new lights or anything, it has to go through Life Styles and Facilities first.

Sink Drain: This problem needs to be fixed, as John stated. The Exec. Board thinks a garbage disposal won’t help and may cause more problems.  Ceramics has a special sink and we should find out more about it.  Nancy said John could have someone from facilities look at the pipes for our sink.  Do we have a kitchen sink or a utility sink?.

New Business:  

Double Vision Update: We are not storing any DV photos this year, the Photo Club will do that.  In response to the question of having an All About Art featured artist when we are doing Double Vision V, which is up for a week, it was agreed not to put DV in the window this year and to leave the featured artist as is.

Spring Show April 26-30:   This year the spring show will begin with the reception on Wednesday evening, April 26.  The room will be cleaned the prior Saturday and we will ask that the tables not be set up.  The set up for the show will be on Sunday the 23rd.

Mardi Gras: Thursday, February 23 at Pinckney Hall which holds 140 people.  We have 100  masks and 100 beads.  If we have over 100 we need more beads.  Beyond 100 you have to buy your own mask.  When you sign up with a $4 check, you get a mask to decorate.  Since monitors are not on duty every day, it was agreed to arrange a pick-up location for the masks.

DVD Night:  Joann asked can we ever have DVD in the day.  Nancy responded that the calendar is so full, although we do have Sunday afternoon.  She thought it would be fun to have a paint-with-the-DVD on a Sunday afternoon and will ask Pat about this.  Nancy Hall mentioned we had talked about a demo day and this might be a better fit.

Acrylic Paint:  Nancy Hall said the Club purchased a lot of materials for the 2/20 classes.  There is very little paint left, and only 2 packs of brushes.  Nancy Hall will buy more supplies.  Let her know what you need and she will keep an acrylic kit.  Nancy should give the original purchase receipt to the treasurer for reimbursement, with a copy to Mary Ann.

President Nancy asked that if we see any supplies running low to let her know

The next Executive Board meeting will be Friday, March 3.

The meeting was Adjourned at 2:40 pm.
Respectfully submitted Kate Metcalf, Secretary



Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday, January 11          New Member Meeting

Friday, January 13                  First Qtr. General Membership Meeting

Monday, January 23               Monitor Training

Thurs Feb 2 – Sun Feb. 5       Double Vision

Thursday, February 23           Mardi Gras Party

Friday, March 3                      Joint Executive Board & Committee Chairs Meeting