As a young child I was always fascinated by color and   patterns. By the fourth grade I knew that I wanted to be an Art Teacher. Fortunately my parents were patient and encouraging with my never ending projects that would appear anywhere around the house.

My formal training began in college. I received my undergraduate and masters degrees in Art at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, with a concentration in drawing and crafts. I also did a study abroad in Italy, with a focus on stone sculpture, plein air painting and art history. From there I taught Art in Connecticut and Maine in grades K-12, at different years.

My life took a turn for about 25 years. I became involved in the world of Special Education and School Administration. With somewhat limited time, I continued painting, drawing and quilting while my husband and I built our own house and planned numerous camping adventures with our two daughters. After retireing from Administration I returned to the classroom and my first love – teaching art – at a middle school for two years before moving full time to Sun City three and a half years ago.

The biggest draw to Sun City for us was the weather, active lifestyle, and for me, the All About Art Club! I love that it offers so many possibilities to explore my creative side with such wonderful people.