Chris Roosa

chrisAll About Art is a club wherein folks, like myself, can gather during an Open Studio to make new friends while learning an art form that we enjoy. Back in 1980 I tried water-color paints, twice, and threw those paintings in the waste basket on my way out the door. Feeling like a failure I never seriously picked up a brush again until 2007 in Sun City. I tried a few things. Two years ago I tried acrylics. I could hardly wait to race, 30 mph down Sun City Bvld., to our garage where upon the canvas could visit my Waste Management trash can and take a much needed ride to the dump. So that left only one choice for my untalented hands. My medium of choice came down to the all forgiving – oil paints.
Unlike many of the members, I have had absolutely no formal schooling or lessons in art. I only received average grades in elementary school in arts/crafts. Needless to say, it’s been a hit or miss venture over the past nine years. Some of our members have blossomed into wonderful artists, selling their beautiful works at local galleries. While others have mastered a certain technique or style of their own. I guess I fall some place in the mix, but would like to be diversified and challenged while trying all forms of subject matters along the way. I became known for my love of painting dogs followed more recently with horse paintings. However, lately I have tried to branch out into portraits and landscapes which I personally find much more difficult yet challenging. It’s always fulfilling to accomplish something you thought you could never do.

In the beginning if I couldn’t paint it perfectly the artwork took that infamous ride home and was immediately introduced to my trash barrel. Now I am more forgiving of myself and have learned to put the artwork aside until a later date where I then seem able to focus enough to finally complete what I began. I’ve come to realize that art is a journey and each painting is a stepping stone in that learning process. If I don’t try something new and create something different from what is my “comfort zone” then I am not challenging myself to the fullest. Playing it safe has never been my goal! My aspiration is to continue to grow and experiment with textures and colors while recognizing that I did the best that I could do at that point in my journey and having the patience to realize I WILL tackle it again to completion. It’s like any art form: ballet, piano, instrumentals… doesn’t happen over night.

One of my art classmates said, “You have to paint at least 100 paintings before you have an inkling of what you are doing”. Hopefully I will continue to work towards that goal.

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